Saturday, June 9, 2018

Beauty Glazed 6pcs Velvet Matte Moisturizing Lip Gloss Set

Beauty Glazed 6pcs Velvet Matte Moisturizing Lip Gloss Set

Lip Swatch 

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they smell like chocolate. Once you get to the dark shades the formula is better. Smooth application. Exposed and Leo were a bit patchy. So apply more coats. Also I've notice with first shade very sticky. 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Best side hustles 2018 NO SPAM EMAILS OR CALLS LEGIT

Hi Guys,
These are some great ways that you can earn some extra cash on the side this year. Guess what no spam emails or calls.  these are some legit things I do to rake in some extra cash on the side.

Gaming Apps

This app pays you to play games on your cell phone you can either get pay directly to your PayPal account or through a gift card. It's very simple all you have to do is download games that you like to play on your cell phone.  Play them as much as you want. You earn points for each game you download and as well as earn points for playing the games. Once you have a certain amount of points you can cash out to PayPal or get gift cards from your favorite store. This app is only for android phones. You can click here to download Applike you will receive 4444 coins as start-up. bonus.

This app is also another app you can try it works well with Android and iPhones. If you are not a shy person. There is an app you can live broadcast yourself playing your favorite pc or mobile games. There are other ways to make money from this app as well if you are a person that is great at trivia games they have a game called quibiz you can play daily an earn big cash. And your fans virtually gift you. once you get a certain amount of gifts you can convert those gifts to real cash to your PayPal account. download this app here LIVE.ME

Sell things from your closet 

Let's just say you went shopping for something and come to find out that the item doesn't fit you once you get home or you bought the item for someone else it doesn't fit them when you go to the store and they tell you that they do not accept refunds. so now somehow you are stuck with this item you bought and cant get your money back. I have one suggestion you can sell that item on a website called postmark. Posh mark is the #1 app to sell fashion. Sign up with the code NATASHAVICK to get $5 click here

Make money shopping 

here are several apps you can receive cash back for either shopping online or in person.
so the first one I recommend is an app called ibotta I use this app, especially for grocery shopping because their coupons offer you can redeem for cash back. 90% of the time its stuff that you actually need; so it's like a win-win situation. Use code cabaynx and click here to sign up  get a $10 welcome bonus.

before doing any shopping online check this site first for any coupons for cash back on that site. click here to receive $10 to sign up 

Get paid to text 

You heard me you get paid to text on this app and many more video calls ,  calling on the app play games etc. the more people you add to your network the more you earn with this app which is cool because you get paid to do something that you already do with your friends. which is text and call them. click here if you will like to join 

Become an affiliate 

It's this new website I came across called alottapajs  they have an affiliate program where its free to join you receive your own website free earn 20 % commission 25 % all store items receive free gifts  and get paid weekly you can check it out here 

other links get paid to post on social media

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sexy body before and after kids

Hi guys,
It has been a while since I did a blog post. If you don't follow me on social media. You haven't heard the news. I am expecting my fourth child.  I get asked all of the time. How are you in great shape after having your kid
s? Well, I'm going to give you some of the tips that worked for me. Very easy to follow steps.  The first thing you can do is try walking at a nearby park every day during pregnancy. For at least an hour a day, that's if you have time to do so or you can do this step around your schedule. Eating healthy during pregnancy is the main factor as well. What I get tempted and some others might get tempted with while pregnant is to eat a lot as possible most of the food is very unhealthy to try substituting whole milk with fat-free for example.  Try staying away from junk food and fast food. Fruits and vegetables are your friends. If a person who absolutely hate eating vegetables and fruit i recommend making smoothies. a slip-up or two is okay. Of course, drink water. Plain water may be boring to some people add fruit to it.

After delivery tips:

 Breastfeeding I know this not an option for many people but it will get your stomach back where it was post-baby fast.  For those who are not into breastfeeding wearing a waist trainer or body, shaper will get that body right back into shape. This is one item you can put in your suitcase before heading to the hospital. After the baby immediately wear one. For those breastfeeding as well, I highly recommend wearing one while breastfeeding.   I have a suggestion where you can buy one.  Don't forget to exercise.  I hope this helps you to have that sexy body post-baby.

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