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Hi everyone, 
Today I wanted to share with you all that a couple days ago. I was invited to enter a giveaway on one of the channels i am subscribe to. Even though i did  not win i seen that the giveaway was held through ipsyos. So me the curious one . i check out the site and seen that this will be a great opportunity. Ipsyos was  foundered by THE Michelle Phan. Let me just say this for her to think of an idea like this one  for small beauty vloggers or beauty vloggers in general that is under her status . Its truly amazing.  Because some people perceive beauty gurus out for the "money". In this case absolutely not true . Free to join, no contract ,advice from the Michelle Phan  herself , beauty events and  studio time . I want to be like her when i grow up. But seriously, getting this letter of acceptance. Meant the world to me in so many ways. I just wanted to take the time out and share my experience but maybe also help someone else out that is as passionate about being a …
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How to add affiliate links to Instagram Bio

Lynxinbio and how this may change your overall experience as a business or a influencer on instagram.
Instagram only allow you to put one link to your website in your bio. Instagram only allows you to put a actual domain website. Instagram prohibits certain websites that you add to your bio for example  affiliate links in this instance. I'm sure if Instagram does this on an I phone but I have an android. You can not copy and paste url if it is posted from the comment section or under description of the post. So the only option is to inbox/ dm interested parties the  url. Same issue copy / paste doesn't work for inbox. Nobody has the the time to get up find a pen to write down a url. By then the person has lost interest at that point. The is a website that allows you to create your own landing page your can add up  5 links and up . You can try this here for free . Great to add this to your bio on Instagram if your trying to grow your social media following or get more traffic …

Best mobile apps to earn free gift cards

Best apps to earn free gift cards






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Make money on social media 2018

Make money on social media 2018

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Watch Out for Fake Friends

Beauty Glazed 6pcs Velvet Matte Moisturizing Lip Gloss Set

Beauty Glazed 6pcs Velvet Matte Moisturizing Lip Gloss SetLip Swatch 

quick swatch on beauty glazed matte liquid  lipsticks  shop here Take 10% Off Your Total Purchase! Use promo code SUMMER when checking out to take an additional 10% off our already low prices!  which one is your favorite?
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they smell like chocolate. Once you get to the dark shades the formula is better. Smooth application. Exposed and Leo were a bit patchy. So apply more coats. Also I've notice with first shade very sticky. 

Best side hustles 2018 NO SPAM EMAILS OR CALLS LEGIT

Hi Guys,
These are some great ways that you can earn some extra cash on the side this year. Guess what no spam emails or calls.  these are some legit things I do to rake in some extra cash on the side.

Gaming Apps

This app pays you to play games on your cell phone you can either get pay directly to your PayPal account or through a gift card. It's very simple all you have to do is download games that you like to play on your cell phone.  Play them as much as you want. You earn points for each game you download and as well as earn points for playing the games. Once you have a certain amount of points you can cash out to PayPal or get gift cards from your favorite store. This app is only for android phones. You can click here to download Applike you will receive 4444 coins as start-up. bonus.

This app is also another app you can try it works well with Android and iPhones. If you are not a shy person. There is an app you can live broadcast yourself playing your favorite pc or mobile ga…

Sexy body before and after kids

Hi guys,
It has been a while since I did a blog post. If you don't follow me on social media. You haven't heard the news. I am expecting my fourth child.  I get asked all of the time. How are you in great shape after having your kid
s? Well, I'm going to give you some of the tips that worked for me. Very easy to follow steps.  The first thing you can do is try walking at a nearby park every day during pregnancy. For at least an hour a day, that's if you have time to do so or you can do this step around your schedule. Eating healthy during pregnancy is the main factor as well. What I get tempted and some others might get tempted with while pregnant is to eat a lot as possible most of the food is very unhealthy to try substituting whole milk with fat-free for example.  Try staying away from junk food and fast food. Fruits and vegetables are your friends. If a person who absolutely hate eating vegetables and fruit i recommend making smoothies. a slip-up or two is okay. Of …