Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Summer Wishlist Inspired by Ipanema Flip Flops

                 Summer Wishlist Ipanema Flip Flops

I am from Florida ,in Florida summer is all year round for us. Our go to shoe here is mainly flip flops rather it's to go to the beach,pool or just a quick trip to the grocery store.What I like about Ipanema Flip Flops These are not like your ordinary flips flops they are very versatile and sophisticated to where I'm sure I  will look as if I am perfectly dressed. One thing I like about these flip flops they look as if they are very comfortable . Another thing I have spotted out on the site the prices are very affordable compared to other brands don't want to say any names because I don't want to bash anyone. I am a big bargain shopper definitely and please don't think of me as cheap it is the god's honest truth . So they have absolutely won me over into buying in the future.

Here are my must-haves Fashionable active footwear


1. Ipanema Applique flip flops are first on my list it has interchangeable badges a owl ,heart and a glittery bow. I could mix and match what ever I have in my closet with these.


2. Ipanema Victoria is second on my wishlist it could be worn with a one or two piece bathing suit. Outing with the kids.with some shorts a basic tank.Or even some long flared jeans.


3. Ipanema Lipstick Wedge II last on my wishlist . I love that wedge flip flops give me more height and my doesn't touch the ground reason why I'm saying this you know when you where flat shoes sometimes dust get underneath them I hate that. These can be worn with a maxi dress or a short pant jumper.

Love these as much as I do visit here
and get your pair today

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