Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Top Quality Lace-front-wig

Top Quality Lace-front-wig

Product #BB005
 Beyonce Bob bangs hair glueless full lace silk top wig

April's lace front wigs is the most top quality lace front to buy from on the web they specialize in silk top and kamo knots.

Silk top wigs give you a more natural look as if your are not wearing a wig the hair looks as if it is growing right from your scalp.The difference between buying hair from your local beauty store the type of Lace fronts the hair store has is called a bleached knot bleach knots often sheds.April lace front wigs are mainly kamo knots  the hair is dyed at the roots maybe about 1-2 inches to a light color  before the lace applied to the silver top. Here's an example pictures

See the difference between a bleached knot and kamo knots .April lace front wigs is packed with 10,000 they  have a variety selection to chose from glueless  virgin hair  to custom made wigs at very affordable prices ship world wide through DHL global  3 days fast shipping.

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