Friday, May 22, 2015

Color contact lenses Review

                    Color Contacts Lenses Review

Hi everyone,
I received a pair of color contacts lenses from a company called  When I first put them on , I thought to myself these are going to look freaky. Reason why ,number  one I did want to try another color other than  what I usually wear so i pick out the spin blue . But I normally would go for like a green or a hazel/ light brown. My first impressions was these contacts are not spooky at all in fact they really do enhance the eyes. I have naturally big eyes but my eyes does look bigger and brighter. Trying these on definitely makes me want to try blue contacts more often they do make me look exotic in a sense.  They  felt comfortable like I didn't even have on contacts. They are great for dark eyes.I see myself wearing these on a night to freak out my friends. Also look glamorous all at the same time.

Here's how  the spin blue color contacts look on comparing to website photo

What do you think spooky or nah?
Spooky eyes have some amazing Color Contacts Lenses so many to choose from.
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