Saturday, June 27, 2015

Get Free Make-up Samples Without Surveys

Hi everyone, Today I am writing this post because I too search the web up and down for free make up samples but hit a dead end. Either you have to fill out a long survey that has nothing to do with make up. Which very is annoying and time consuming then once you get to the end of the survey it ask you to do a several paid offer in order to receive your sample. I know a site that you can get free makeup samples for free without doing any surveys. is a great site to get full size to travel size samples for free. Now I am going to warn you ahead of time some of the make up samples are brand new or lightly used. Also you will have to pay for shipping  fees can be as low as $3 or can be as high  $5 at the most I haven't seen it higher than that. Now how it works you earn points when you sign up. Then those points are used as cash. You also can earn points by posting your own make up you want to give away. And much more. If you would like to sign up to this website sign up here
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