Thursday, June 11, 2015

Spa Day with Adovia Mineral Skin Care

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           Spa Day with Adovia Mineral Skin Care

Hello everyone,
I am not the type that goes to the spa. Even though ironically I went to school for massage therapy. I find other ways to keeping my skin up to part. My mother always told me as a little girl that you have to take great care of your skin and women should always smell like a flower didn't know what she meant until now. So I am passing this on to you.
Today I am writing this post if you are like me and don't  go to a spa "EVER" you can have your own spa day at home with no problems and it cost you less than going to one. Let's get right into it  I have been trying Adovia Mineral Skin Care one product in general their dead sea salt  scrub with Dead Sea Mineral Salt and Moisturizing oils. It is sold by goNaturals on for $22.00 .
Adovia's dead sea salt scrub can be use on body as well as your hands and feet.

Dead sea salt comes from the waters of the dead sea. It has many benefits removes dead skin cells. Ease muscle aches and pains, skin conditions such  as psoriasis, eczema ,acne and much more. If you are trying to restore the elasticity in  skin far as stretch marks  ,fine line wrinkles and age spots. This product will be your best friend.

Active Ingredient:
Jojoba oil, Sweet almond oil, Avocado oil and Aloe Vera 



Relax one day on your spare time and have your own spa day. Who needs a spa when you can pamper yourself. Thank you for reading .

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