Saturday, August 8, 2015

How to acheive a celebrity hair look

How to achieve a celebrity hair look

Lace front wigs was once a big celebrity thing. But now you can achieve the very same look and make your own at an affordable price. I am all about affordability. Celebrities spend thousands of dollars on wigs to achieve a more natural looking wig when it comes to their hair. Us regular people  can't afford that kind money. The best way to achieve a celebrity hairstyle is by shopping for your hair online. It is way cheaper than going to a beauty store for one and you can get a better bargain. Also you can plan it to where you know the time you want to update you hair or your next hair appointment.3- 5 days before hand your hair is at your front door your hair is at the front door without lifting a finger. What I cannot stand about the beauty store wigs they tend to shed with 2 weeks of owning one. And It is also overpriced for bad quality hair. That is just my opinion correct me if I am wrong in the comment section below this blog post.

I came across a website recently called Lacefront wigs.  They sell the most affordable Lace front wigs and virgin hair extensions so far I seen sold on the internet. That will last you up 12 months. It doesn't shed or tangle. The hair is 100% virgin hair. It is able to be dyed, washable and it takes heat very well. You can even get a customer wig. So if one day you decide that you want to look like a star you can.


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