Thursday, August 13, 2015

Perfectly Posh

The Pampering Pursuit

Hello everyone ,
Today I am doing another beauty review on a company called  Have you heard of Perfectly Posh. Well, Perfectly Posh is a naturally based pampering product line for men and women. It is also a company that allows you to start your own home based business. I have the opportunity to review a couple samples. I am very excited to shared these items with you. My first impressions were  I love the catchy names for each product. And it's flashy fun packaging is very alluring.
I’m going to go through each item I tried out one by one, then let you know what I will be reordering for myself. And which of these samples were my absolute favorite item.


Costs $9.00 key ingredients is peppermint oil rosemary and olive oil. I would definitely reorder this for myself. It has the most delicious smell. It is also very refreshing.


The name made me chuckle a little bit. It doesn't have much of a scent to it. The texture almost resembles sugar paste. Also very thick . It costs $24.00. Key ingredients are honey, Shea Butter and sea salt. I didn't dislike the body scrub but won't be reordering.

3. BFF 

This was actually one of my favorite items so definitely will be reordering this for myself. I wash my face with it , it was very cooling and calming to my skin. I was instantly woken up. The smell was spectacular it stayed on all day. The cost of this is $20. Key ingredients cucumber, grapefruit oil, Vitamin E and peppermint. 


The Skindelicious Castaway Coconut was a plus for me it is 100% vegan.  Smells like coconut. My skin was instantly sheen. The texture is very creamy not as thick as I am use to with body butters. A girl can't have to many body butters so would I reorder yes I will. This product is $22. Key ingredients glycerin , Aloe Vera extract, beewax, coconut oil and Shea Butter.


I swear when I tried I almost wanted to eat my hand the scent was so yummy. I even was my hands through out the day and that scent was still there. Everyone kept saying who is that that smells so good. I am reordering this for myself. This product is $9.00. Key ingredients apricot kernel oil.


Just like is heaven is just what the name says it has the most heavenly scent very clean light smell Also goes on the skin smoothly. I would gift this to a friend. This product is $9.00

If you are interested in purchasing your own or even starting your own home based business visit  here

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Ftc : samples were given complimentary. All opinions in this blog post are 100% honest and my own.