Friday, September 11, 2015

Manicure in 10 minute

                       Impress Press-on Manicure

I remember a time when I was able to do my nails every two weeks faithfully. I have kind of fell off my routine going to the nail salon. I was just trying to save money each time I would go to the nail salon I was spending at least between 50- $75 each time. That money I could be doing something else with. Also my real nails were turning very brittle to where they weren't growing at all. I have partnered with Impress Press-on  Manicure  powered by brandbacker I  was so excited to do a review for them because one I haven't done my nails (acrylic )in a very long time. Two I remember when I was back in middle and high school I was addicted to press on nails. But back then they were glue on though.

Pros :
1.The instructions were very easy to follow.
2. I like that impress has upgraded the way you apply the press-on nails without glue.
3. They looked extremely realistic. As if I went to a nail salon and got my nails done professionally.
4. Super cute.
5 . They were water proof. I was able to was my hand multiple times. Shower and wash dishes.
6. Very secure. The accents never fell off.
7 . A+ on having a mini file in the package.
8. Affordable. This goes for $7.99 ,costs way less than some brands.
9. Lasted me 7 days. On the 7th day one nail popped off. So I decided to remove them all on my own.

I really didn't experience any cons.
Other than that I love these nails a whole lot. I am planning on  buying them regularly in the future. If you are wondering where you can also purchase these Walgreens , Walmart , Rite Aid , Cvs and Kmart. You can also see the different nails designs they have online

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