Friday, October 23, 2015

Party Sequin

Finn Slip Dress in Black Opal Sequin by Motel Rocks

Hi everyone ,
So I am coming to you today with a style post on this dress above. The Finn slip Dress in black Opal sequin. This dress actually reminds me of a sequin dress I once had when I was like 18 years old . It was more of a purple color . But anyway enough about me let's get to styling this dress. Now this dress is sold on . It comes in the sizes XS-XL these are UK sizing just to let you know. Also it does come in two colors the color that you see above and in grey. The price for this dress is $75 on the site. Because this dress is already the star of the show I wouldn't wear any jewelry. If I do I would wear stud ears  or a dangle earring so people can focus more on the dress.

 Normally if I was going out to party I would need something to carry my car keys, i.d. and money. So I would pair this dress with a coin purse. A coin purse like this motel's vintage black coin purse. I pick this one from the site because it's dainty  the length is about 15 cm . Plus black matches everything. This  purse is $16 on the site. 

With shoes now I picked these Jeffrey Campbell Str8up Platform in Two Tone .  Because the dress is sexy I thought I would go ahead and pick a sexy shoe. These shoes reminds me of a heel less wedge that lady Gaga wore in one of her videos. Not the shoe itself but the heel style. Because this is a short dress these heels will elongate the legs more if you are short or tall . That completes my look I hope you all enjoyed . Comment below if you would try one of these items .