Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Does DV shelters really help true victims?

Question here is does dv shelters really help true victims ? A domestic abuse shelter is supposed to be a safe haven for women who suffered abuse with a spouse/partner. A place to be able to start over with a new start. That's what they want you to believe. Do you know that majority of women who goes to a domestic abuse shelter .  End up right back with their abuser. So are domestic shelters really helping the true victims. Majority of battered women have no family or friends because their abuser found out a way to isolate them from their family and friends. Or might cant even tell them the issue because people are very quick to judge . South Florida especially , for instance they give you only six weeks to get things together. Normally ,  a woman who have been in an abusive relationship have absolutely no job. Because their abuser hindered them from working. So you are really starting from scratch. Most government assistant programs take time. Once you get to a domestic abuse shelter you are assigned a advocate .  The advocate is like a case worker that is supposed to help with your goals while you are in a domestic abuse shelter . You might get lucky and have an advocate that  has been through the situation herself or you might get one that has no empathy at all what you have endured before coming to the domestic  abuse shelter. For example actually true story being in a domestic abuse shelter can make you feel like you are reliving the abuse you just ran from. For instance the way the staff themselves  talk to individuals. Residents as well will try to fight you. You will get put out on your 6th week even if you have absolutely no where to go . This article is not here to scare you from getting help. If you are being abuse seek help As soon as possible. Big thing that has to be done is to plan your escape well.
when you reach the shelter from day one find out as many resources in your area as possible . If the help is not being provided within the first week speak to management right away. Stay on top of the staff every day until you leave the shelter.For those women who are starting out from scratch leaving their abuser .

In conclusion ,  I don't know about any other states but in South Florida. They should have more well trained advocates working at these shelters for battered woman. Maybe for  instance someone who was battered themselves. Also in South Florida the time at the shelter should be longer due to government programs. More funding opportunities.

Are you a survivor of  domestic abuse? I would love to hear your  story down below in the comments section ?  Thank you for reading .

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bamboo Franck Olivier Paris + Fragranceoutlet review


On my snap chat i did reveal that i was doing a review on a website called fragranceoutlet. If you are not following me on snap chat it is Tashaflygalvick follow me now to keep update on the lastest . First off i did recieve this bamboo franck olivier perfume complimentary for review purposes only. Like all my reviews i am 100% honest on my full experience. I really dont have anything bad to say about Fraganceoutlet. I was provided a discount code to order the item . Navigation though the site was pretty easy. I recieved the products pretty fast . I was really impressed on  how nice it was package it felt like christmas in july . As i open the present the bottle was even more candy to my eyes. The bottle was very sexy . The fragrance smelled very delightlful as well. If you will like to try this Bamboo fragrance click here

Thanks for reading

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Best livestreaming apps

Livestreaming is something popular now to young people and slowing but surely may start taking over because alot of people are finding out quickly about it. I think its kind of extraordinary that you can connect with people without even leaving you house anymore. Livestreaming is some what like making youtube videos but in the now . I think that is the most addicting part for the viewer and broadcaster. I will be naming 3 of the most popular and best livestreaming app to use if you will like to grow a following or just want to meet new people in general. Guess what you can have fun and make dollars. It not a get rich quick kind of thing but some people do get lucky. And make decent money on the side from livestreaming.


you can stream from you phone or computer. It is available through google play and apple store on your cellphone. They have a partner program once you have build a huge following or if you are already popular before joining you get a perchantage of the virtual gifts and tips you make which is very cool your able to stream from you phone or computer. Available on iphone and andriod . You get paid through virtual gifts once the credits are at the amount of $200 then you are able to cash out. Also they have cash giveaways for opportunity to earn more money

Compatible with andriod and iphone. The broadcaster gets paid by the viewers watching the broadcasts.( for example): if you are just sitting and watching your actually helping the broadcaster make money. Payout is every friday threshold .50

I hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions please leave some down below. Dont forget to follow me on these apps. Thanks for reading .

Monday, May 30, 2016

Beautiful Skin All day long +Evian Spray Giveaway

Hi everyone,
Today I will be talking about a product that was sent to me. This Evian spray. I wanted to review this ever since I seen one of my most favorite youtubers review this on their channels. Although some were in love with this product. Some weren't so much . Because of the ingredients in the Evian spray is 100% water. They were saying it doesn't to much refresh  your make-up being that it's water and Why pay so much for a can of water. Funny right I will link that video so you can check it out. So here's my review me personally the bottle that I have is worth $7.50 it a 1.7 fl oz. I feel like if you are a person that love luxury items this will be amazing for you. I prefer to use this when I am in a hot location like the beach or the pool. The light mist is so refreshing in very hot weather. Newflash, South Florida is boiling hot all year round. It's also great if you were in the pool and you want to get those harsh chemicals off your skin. For my beach goers really fantastic to get that salt water off you. I would feed all the other stuff you probably  already know the skin cant live without water. So yes , did you always wanted to try evain water? Now  here's your chance!!! Make sure to follow my blog for more give opportunities in the future. As well as share this giveaway to friends and family.  Thanks for reading.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Brows on Point! Billion Dollar Brows

Hi everyone, 
Today i am on here to talk about a brand called Billion Dollar Brows. I am not sure if you have heard of this beauty brand before but they have been on a lot of major networks like E! , Good morning America and much more. This company is a prestigious brow salon in Beverly Hills. They came up with an affordable way to  have billion dollar brows on a budget. So they did send me their new line of waterproof pencils. The colors are Taupe, Light Brown, Blonde, and Raven.

My review on these, my color was Raven. These pencils are perfect if you have sparse eyebrows or if you have thick eyebrows and looking for a more natural look. The fine tips on these pencils provided a way for me to draw on my brows easily . Almost mimicking hairs. Other than a regular pencil.  Which I really love about them. Now because the tips are super fine on the micropencils pressure to them, it will break easily which happened to me like twice in a row. To test out if they were waterproof or not . I did a water test and they didn't budge. 

Now because I wanted to do a more detailed review I went ahead and purchased two of their bestselling items Billion dollar brows Brow Boost and Brow gel. I couldn't believe how fast the shipping was it came within like three business days. Which is a plus. Let's get into the two items started with the brow boost. The brow boost is a primer that you put on before you draw on your eyebrows. The packing says that it could be worn alone which I tried numerous of times the were absolutely right about that part. But I do recommend if you buy this to make sure if you wear this alone. Have perfectly groomed brows. Cons I tend to have get dry around my brows area and it did get flaky. But I think I could be able to fix that by exfoliation. But other that absolutely love this product.
The brow gel is a very light consistency. That's really all I can say about it there was really no cons. I will  repurchase these two again. The micropencils maybe I  would buy it because it's different. Plus it did it's job. Want to try Billion Dollar Brows
In this video i wore only the brow boost

Let me know your thoughts. Sharing is caring. Share this wherever you share things.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ipsyos Member

Hi everyone, 
Today I wanted to share with you all that a couple days ago. I was invited to enter a giveaway on one of the channels i am subscribe to. Even though i did  not win i seen that the giveaway was held through ipsyos. So me the curious one . i check out the site and seen that this will be a great opportunity. Ipsyos was  foundered by THE Michelle Phan. Let me just say this for her to think of an idea like this one  for small beauty vloggers or beauty vloggers in general that is under her status . Its truly amazing.  Because some people perceive beauty gurus out for the "money". In this case absolutely not true . Free to join, no contract ,advice from the Michelle Phan  herself , beauty events and  studio time . I want to be like her when i grow up. But seriously, getting this letter of acceptance. Meant the world to me in so many ways. I just wanted to take the time out and share my experience but maybe also help someone else out that is as passionate about being a beauty vlogger as i am .  Regardless we are all on the same journey .  If you follow me on my youtube channel be on the look out in the near future for a video there. Want to check out Ipsy Open Studios 

Thank you for reading

Monday, April 11, 2016

Subtle Beauty prom makeup look +Makebeauty Review

Hi everyone, 
I am coming to you today with a subtle prom makeup look. Because let's be honest some teens are not so advance at doing their make up and another thing as a mother i would like my daughter to have more of a subtle look if she was going to prom. Now because I titled this subtle prom make up look. Doesn't mean that it's only for prom. This can also be a everyday look. This look is very beginner friendly and inexpensive. Plus you wont have to go out and get a make up artist for your big day. What i am learning on this make up journey . is for flawless make up application. All you will need is the right tools. Which includes make up brushes . A whole lot of them each brush have multiple purposes. Nude shades to start yourself off . More on the matte eyeshadow side so that way if you kind of mess up. You will be alright no one will notice. The number one thing i left out is a great skincare routine before and after make application. If you do that your make up will go on flawlessly. SLAYYYY!!!
I came across a company and they do just that. They have all your beginner friendly makeup needs. And guess what at the end of this post not only will you save to look flawless darling. You will help out as well. Almost forgot to mention they do carry 14 foundation shades for us black girls. 

 MAKE is made in the hometown, NYC. It is paraben-free and never tested on animals.
A percentage of sales are donated to a non-profit partner, We See Beauty Foundation,
supporting women-led, worker-owned cooperative businesses across the Americas. I was sent samples for review and needless to say i absolutely love them. See my full thoughts on my youtube channel as well as the look i came up with start to finish. All in all the samples i was given the silk cream lipstick from make Taffy was my absolute favorite. It is nude ,true to it's color ,very creamy and needs a little touching up. But not as most creamy lipsticks.

If you will like to puchase from them click here to visit MAKE website you get 20% off by using code MAKEYOURSELF VALID 3/ 1-4/15/2016

Thanks for reading
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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Kiss New York Moisturizing Lipsticks

Hi guys

So today's blog post is about one of my favorite makeup brands.  I have been using for years so I thought I would share it with you guys on this brand called Kiss and it really surprise me that not a lot of people know about this makeup brand in itself. So before I get into this review I'm going to go ahead and explain what this company is about now kiss is actually kiss products they have different products some people do recognize their kiss envy lashes or kiss nail products.  They do have a whole lot more to offer than lashes and nail products. They are also affiliated with Ruby kisses  and they're normally found in your local beauty supplies store. So a couple of days ago , I went makeup shopping and I came across their moisturizing lipsticks. The lipsticks come in 24 different shades. I ended up picking up 4 lipsticks for $2.99 each the four colors that I picked up  was Honeymoon, Play date ,Devil's Advocate  and Madame . Any skin tone like myself  play date and honeymoon  will need  to be paired  with a lip liner  but both are very beautiful colors. Madam  was a color that I can see any skin tone wearing. It  is very Universal  and you really don't need to pair with a lip liner unless you want to make it a little bit darker but it is great on its own.  The Devil's Advocate  it really kind of washed me out  because of the hair I was wearing  but it is such a pretty  color for those who like sultry type of lips.  They're very creamy and moisturizing to the lips. So I hope you guys enjoyed this read on my full review on this lipstick that I purchase I will be picking up more colors because I feel so in love with the colors that I picked up.

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Spring OOTD

Hi everyone,
Fashion has no limits. Wear whatever you want. Spring is all about pastels and floral prints. This is what inspired the outfit that I am wearing in this video. When I go shopping for any garments . I look for versatility. So when I saw this New Speed Control NY Women's Summer Spring Dress Medium  Cinched Waist. The dress I am wearing is now longer in this color but I did find another color which is super cute. I thought of so many ways it could be worn. I decided to wear Vans. And Rachel Marie Designs jewelry.

How would you style this dress let me know in the comments section below
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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Springtime Makeup look

Hi everyone,
When I think of spring I think of bright colored flowers and this is what inspired this look that I created. Like oh my goodness these colors that I chose for this  eye look  reminds me  of tulips. I wanted this look to be fresh so I didn't use to much products. This look is great for day to night. Because you can always apply a different color on the lips. And add a darker shade of pink on the eyelids.  Also easily duplicated and beginner friendly.

 For everyone who ask about the kardashian palette Khroma sorry I didn't show it in the video but I did write a blog post on it. I used a magenta color to smooth out the green in the crease.  Let me know would you recreate this look? and what does spring means to you? i will like to keep this convo going. 

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Updated I hate this lipstick / cute app review

Hi everyone,
I am writing this blog post to share with you all on a purchase I have made through an app called Cute. So basically you can download this from the app store on your phone. That's if you have a IPhone or Android device. The app itself is absolutely free. It is powered by the company Wish. What lured me to buy from this app. I saw an ad on Facebook, I instantly was attracted by the prices. They sell everything from beauty products, to clothing, electronics and even home decor at all affordable prices. Being the cheapskate that I am. I had to check out. Plus this was the perfect opportunity to build my make-up kit for my beauty journey. Anyway , to test it out I have purchased two items from the app through paypal of course. A lip liner in the  color dark purple and a matte lip gloss.

Let me get into the cons okay. I have purchased these items two days before black Friday .  I contacted customer service just to see where my items were located. Because on the app the tracking it wasn't much help . It showed items have left the store but never updated. Luckily customer service replied back right away to help me with my issue. Mind you,  I  received both items a month later . Items arrived in an envelope in my mailbox. Upon arrival I noticed that I received a different color lip gloss other then the color that I ordered. Big question here will I order from this app again?  Absolutely I can't beat a great deal. I am a girl on a budget. Also I failed to mention the site has different vendors. I just won't order from that particular vendor.

Tips on ordering online :
1.Always order through paypal. Just in case the company don't want to refund you. You can always dispute the purchase through paypal.

2. Always read the reviews before purchasing anything. Every site has good and bad reviews. But if all the reviews are mostly bad don't order. Also be leary of too many great reviews as well. 

I really hope this article helped. Thank you so much for reading. Sharing is caring please share this post .

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Special Valentine DIY Charms from Glamulet Giveaway

Valentine's day was  originated back in the 3rd century by a man named Saint Valentine. St. Valentine’s in history, one of whom may have given a love letter to a young lady he was fond of, signed "From your Valentine. Even though we all say when we receive gifts only the thought that counts. But be for real , just a letter these days are not cutting it. Are you looking for some new V-Day gift ideas. If you have been following me for sometime you will know I  have written a blog post for this very company. Click here to find out more information on Glamulet. I am super excited to be chosen again for the second time to share Glamulet's Special Valentine DIY Charms  Giveaway. Because they are compared to Pandora but at a much discounted price with the very same quality. This is a very unique charm . It reminds me of more like a see through locket. You can choose the picture of the most memorable experience that you had with your love one. Glamulet brings that picture to life with a charm. Now you can choose which ever charm design you may want and there are so many to choose from.

  All my readers and followers do get a discount BB-VD15 15% Off coupon code will expire once the giveaway is finished and a chance to win one for themselves. The top 20 best designers with the highest votes and shares will be chosen at the end of the campaign. Winners will get the charm they designed. You can enter contest on Glamulet site by click here<----- . Good luck!

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Active / Dinner Date V-Day Lookbook

Hi guys,
Valentine's day is near this is one of my favorite days of the year because being a mom of three. The husband and I only go out like once in a blue moon. I have put together a lookbook for the different dates that we go on. Now if you happen to be traveling to South Florida one of my favorite places to go to on a date is Bayside. Bayside is located in Miami near South Beach. This is  the perfect active date there is a lot of walking. It is a tourist destination. There is shopping, food and bars. So for this type of date you want to be casual but remember to still be sexy.

Look 1. Cardigan Ambiance Apparel
Gogo Jeans , shirt that I am wearing was a mini dress. But I am not about that life so I have transformed it into a shirt. And for some reason it has no name. I also paired with a cross body bag which also has no name. Shoes Clarks Bendables.

They say that a way to a man's heart is with food but I feel it the same with us women. So the second place we like to eat is Grill Republic Seafood Steak and Bar. Located on Ft.Lauderdale Beach. On a dinner date you want to dress sexy but leave a little to the imagination.

Look 2. Dress Forever ,Purse wallet purchased at Rainbows, shoes Clarks Bendables.

Let's stay social . What is your favourite look? Please share this post. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, January 31, 2016


The classic that we all women can relate to bra wire digging into the side and sternum (breast plate). The agony! Especially that one bra strap that won't stay put so you consistently have to fix it all day long. It gets so bad that it might even decide to break on you. Double UGH!!! Don't let me talk about side cleavage this is one of my main bra-blems. Back to the wire in the bra from the beginning I don't know about you once that wire in my bra start to irritate me. It is coming out, ASAP. Without the support from the wire it creates something called a side cleavage. Another example of mine I went bra shopping my breast has doubled in size after my child birth so I had no clue what my current size was. So I ended up buying two sizes smaller than what I really am. Really!!!Just thinking out loud. We all have our bra-blems. Here's some ways you can avoid them.

24/7 Classic T- Shirt Bra. Thirdlove believes that fit should always come first.

1. Shop for new bras every three months
2. When shopping for new bras know what your bra size by checking out Thirdlove.

Do you ever have bra-blems ? I would love to hear them.
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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Hi everyone,
As you guys already know this year I am on a full on glam make-up journey if you are following me on my youtube channel. So I had just uploaded a Get ready with me video for a date night I was having with the hubby. When going on a date we all want to look our best so in this video I also included some skincare tips  as well. I am adding some anti-aging products into the mix of my normal skincare routine. The reason why I am doing this my skin around the T -zone has been extremely dry which has never been this way ever. When skin does that it is the first signs of aging . I am 28 years old right now and I will like to stay youthful as I get older.  So I had received some products complimentary from in this video I didn't go into full  details on what I felt about Clarins Multi active jour / nuit cream. Oh my goodness this stuff is is like food to the skin. The cream absorbs into the skin . I have gotten so many compliments on how radiant my skin looks. My face was instantly hydrated. I absolutely love love both the day and night creams . But I can tell it is important to use both creams for best results. I will be buying them once my samples are done.

Thank you so much for reading !!!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Baby Tiara

Like every little girl they refer themselves as princesses. That is exactly what I thought when I received this super cute baby tiara. My little princess Leanna looks absolutely adorable in it. The only con that I had with this baby tiara hairband it broke the minute I took it off her head . The pros to this it is extremely affordable it is sold on for $3.69. It is also great for one time use for a event like a birthday party , wedding or photo shoot.

Ftc Disclaimer : I received products mentioned in this blog post complimentary for a unbiased review all opinions are 100 % honest and my own

Friday, January 15, 2016

Best lashes for beginners


Definition of false eyelashes: Flirty ,fun ,an enhancer to eyelooks and make-up is naked without them. Eyelashes is SLAVAGE. From my previous blog post Bring in 2016 with a BANG!( MAKE-UP TUTORIAL) I wrote about I will be starting a make-up journey. So as a beginner how do you choose the right false lashes . The characteristics you look for in false lashes weightless, natural looking and prolonged wear Mink lashes. I am  writing this because I will be reviewing as well as doing a make-up look on my youtube channel as well as my blog on a pair of mink lashes let me tell you I am very excited because the affordablility on these lashes from dodolashes. They are $5 each and because you are reading this blog post you can get a 5% discount using the code tashaflygalvick at check out click the link -----> dodolashes. Be on the look out for my review on these.

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Let's have a conversation are you also on a make-up journey if so would you ever wear false lashes.

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Year New Me OOTD

Hi everyone,
If you have been following me on my blog you would know that I was pregnant mostly all last year up until August when I had my baby. On my youtube channel Tashaflygalvick, I decided to do a collaboration with one of my youtube friends Shay3179ify. What I wore for this event is a sheer beige shirt (America Rag Cie 1984) , washed out skinny jeans( Thread Market) , and black heels (Clarks Bendables). 

If you are reading this what are you going to do new this year? Please leave it in the comments section below
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Valentia Skincare Review

Hi everyone ,
It has been a minute since I have done a skincare product review. I was sent two products from Valentia Skincare line their skin detoxifying clay mask and the eternal youth exfoliating scrub. With all my reviews, I do a first impressions then come back once I have used the whole bottle. I come back with my last thoughts on this product.
Let me go in with what the ingredients are in these products and what they do.

Valentia Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask:
- Kaolin Clay: Clay minerals draw impurities, improve skin tone, and tighten pores for smoother firmer skin. 
- Plant Stem Cells: Naturally decreases the level of pro-aging toxins and works to soother the skin, reduce redness, and improve evenness.
-Spirulina: A botanical stimulant full of vitamins that hydrates the skins surface and contributes to tissue regeneration of the skin.
- CoQ10: Lessens the appearance of wrinkles by reducing free radical damage and stimulating health collagen production.
- Hibiscus & Cranberry Fibers: Both lend their anti-aging properties to firm and reinforce the skin.

Valentia Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub:- Green and White Tea: Packed with polyphenols and potent antioxidants that provide anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, and anti-aging effects.
- Aloe Vera: This nutrient rich botanical moisturizes the skin and fights aging by improving skin firmness.
- Jojoba Beads: Gentle beads that work to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells without scratching the skin.
- Olive, Avocado & Kukui Butter:This nutrient dense trio is rich in Vitamin A, B, D, and E helps nourish, hydrate, and repair the skin while combating pro-aging free radicals.

Ftc Disclaimer : I received products mentioned in this blog post for review purposes only. All opinions are 100 % honest and my own.

How to follow through your New Year Resolution

Hi everyone,
I was so reluctant to post this but hey this might help out someone else one day so I decided to post it. In the past the main reason why I couldn't follow through my goals through the years is because I over think things all the time. This year for 2016 let's not think at all let us just jump right into whatever we got our goals set on. Because if you think about it that is when the negative thoughts come in and tell you you can't do it. If we just do it then we will finally know if we are good or not.

I really hope this post help you out if so please comment below. Also please share this post.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Review RevivLash™ Lash & Brow Stimulating Serum with Redensyl® & Keratinocyte Growth Factor Giveaway

                               About the Product

RevivLash™ Lash & Brow Stimulating Serum can significantly boost the appearance of eyelash and eyebrow length, thickness, strength and overall health.

RevivLash is the first product of its kind to include award-winning Redensyl® from Switzerland-based Induchem AG. Redensyl won In-Cosmetics 2014 Silver Award for Best Personal Care Ingredient. The ingredient combines two patented Induchem molecules - DHQG and EGCG2 — to target follicle stems cells.

RevivLash is specifically formulated to reduce potential for the irritation that occurs with other eyelash restoration products. Unlike Latisse(R) and LiLash(R), it contains no prostaglandin analogues, and is a cosmetic that can be purchased by consumers without having to obtain a prescription.

DISCOUNT FOR MY READERS: 10% off the $49 SALE price to my readers and followers! use discount code LONGER10 at checkout HERE limited one use per household. This discount code will  expire 02/29/2016

Want to win one enter contest below. Good luck. Sharing is caring please share this post to friends and family. Thanks for reading.
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Friday, January 1, 2016

Bring in 2016 with a BANG!!! (Make-up Tutorial)

Face of the day

Hi guys, I thought I would do a inspired look for the new years. Why not start this year out with a bang. As you guys know if you follow me on my youtube channel Tashaflygalvick. I am currently on a make-up journey to self teach myself to do my own make-up. Beauty has always been my passion so 2016 is going to be the glittery road to my beauty journey.

Products used :
Bh cosmetics brush set
Meet Matte Nude Eyeshadow Palette
Nyx glittery liner (whimsical)
LA Colors Liquid eye liner
Malibu Glitz compact blush
Kiss New York ultimate trio Bronzed Godess 
Kleancolor white lies concealer stick
Almay smart shade
Beyond Beauty matte lip gloss
Beauty treats lip scrubs
LA colors liquid Make-up Beautiful Bronze
Kleancolor Matte bronzer Waikiki
LA colors eyebrow pencil (dark brown)
Maybelline Mega plush mascara

What is your new years resolution please leave it in the comments section below

Happy New Year's!