Sunday, January 31, 2016


The classic that we all women can relate to bra wire digging into the side and sternum (breast plate). The agony! Especially that one bra strap that won't stay put so you consistently have to fix it all day long. It gets so bad that it might even decide to break on you. Double UGH!!! Don't let me talk about side cleavage this is one of my main bra-blems. Back to the wire in the bra from the beginning I don't know about you once that wire in my bra start to irritate me. It is coming out, ASAP. Without the support from the wire it creates something called a side cleavage. Another example of mine I went bra shopping my breast has doubled in size after my child birth so I had no clue what my current size was. So I ended up buying two sizes smaller than what I really am. Really!!!Just thinking out loud. We all have our bra-blems. Here's some ways you can avoid them.

24/7 Classic T- Shirt Bra. Thirdlove believes that fit should always come first.

1. Shop for new bras every three months
2. When shopping for new bras know what your bra size by checking out Thirdlove.

Do you ever have bra-blems ? I would love to hear them.
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