Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Hi everyone,
As you guys already know this year I am on a full on glam make-up journey if you are following me on my youtube channel. So I had just uploaded a Get ready with me video for a date night I was having with the hubby. When going on a date we all want to look our best so in this video I also included some skincare tips  as well. I am adding some anti-aging products into the mix of my normal skincare routine. The reason why I am doing this my skin around the T -zone has been extremely dry which has never been this way ever. When skin does that it is the first signs of aging . I am 28 years old right now and I will like to stay youthful as I get older.  So I had received some products complimentary from in this video I didn't go into full  details on what I felt about Clarins Multi active jour / nuit cream. Oh my goodness this stuff is is like food to the skin. The cream absorbs into the skin . I have gotten so many compliments on how radiant my skin looks. My face was instantly hydrated. I absolutely love love both the day and night creams . But I can tell it is important to use both creams for best results. I will be buying them once my samples are done.

Thank you so much for reading !!!