Thursday, February 4, 2016

Active / Dinner Date V-Day Lookbook

Hi guys,
Valentine's day is near this is one of my favorite days of the year because being a mom of three. The husband and I only go out like once in a blue moon. I have put together a lookbook for the different dates that we go on. Now if you happen to be traveling to South Florida one of my favorite places to go to on a date is Bayside. Bayside is located in Miami near South Beach. This is  the perfect active date there is a lot of walking. It is a tourist destination. There is shopping, food and bars. So for this type of date you want to be casual but remember to still be sexy.

Look 1. Cardigan Ambiance Apparel
Gogo Jeans , shirt that I am wearing was a mini dress. But I am not about that life so I have transformed it into a shirt. And for some reason it has no name. I also paired with a cross body bag which also has no name. Shoes Clarks Bendables.

They say that a way to a man's heart is with food but I feel it the same with us women. So the second place we like to eat is Grill Republic Seafood Steak and Bar. Located on Ft.Lauderdale Beach. On a dinner date you want to dress sexy but leave a little to the imagination.

Look 2. Dress Forever ,Purse wallet purchased at Rainbows, shoes Clarks Bendables.

Let's stay social . What is your favourite look? Please share this post. Thanks for reading.