Saturday, February 6, 2016

Special Valentine DIY Charms from Glamulet Giveaway

Valentine's day was  originated back in the 3rd century by a man named Saint Valentine. St. Valentine’s in history, one of whom may have given a love letter to a young lady he was fond of, signed "From your Valentine. Even though we all say when we receive gifts only the thought that counts. But be for real , just a letter these days are not cutting it. Are you looking for some new V-Day gift ideas. If you have been following me for sometime you will know I  have written a blog post for this very company. Click here to find out more information on Glamulet. I am super excited to be chosen again for the second time to share Glamulet's Special Valentine DIY Charms  Giveaway. Because they are compared to Pandora but at a much discounted price with the very same quality. This is a very unique charm . It reminds me of more like a see through locket. You can choose the picture of the most memorable experience that you had with your love one. Glamulet brings that picture to life with a charm. Now you can choose which ever charm design you may want and there are so many to choose from.

  All my readers and followers do get a discount BB-VD15 15% Off coupon code will expire once the giveaway is finished and a chance to win one for themselves. The top 20 best designers with the highest votes and shares will be chosen at the end of the campaign. Winners will get the charm they designed. You can enter contest on Glamulet site by click here<----- . Good luck!

Sharing is caring . Share this giveaway everywhere. Like a lunatic. Thank you so much for reading.
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