Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Updated I hate this lipstick / cute app review

Hi everyone,
I am writing this blog post to share with you all on a purchase I have made through an app called Cute. So basically you can download this from the app store on your phone. That's if you have a IPhone or Android device. The app itself is absolutely free. It is powered by the company Wish. What lured me to buy from this app. I saw an ad on Facebook, I instantly was attracted by the prices. They sell everything from beauty products, to clothing, electronics and even home decor at all affordable prices. Being the cheapskate that I am. I had to check out. Plus this was the perfect opportunity to build my make-up kit for my beauty journey. Anyway , to test it out I have purchased two items from the app through paypal of course. A lip liner in the  color dark purple and a matte lip gloss.

Let me get into the cons okay. I have purchased these items two days before black Friday .  I contacted customer service just to see where my items were located. Because on the app the tracking it wasn't much help . It showed items have left the store but never updated. Luckily customer service replied back right away to help me with my issue. Mind you,  I  received both items a month later . Items arrived in an envelope in my mailbox. Upon arrival I noticed that I received a different color lip gloss other then the color that I ordered. Big question here will I order from this app again?  Absolutely I can't beat a great deal. I am a girl on a budget. Also I failed to mention the site has different vendors. I just won't order from that particular vendor.

Tips on ordering online :
1.Always order through paypal. Just in case the company don't want to refund you. You can always dispute the purchase through paypal.

2. Always read the reviews before purchasing anything. Every site has good and bad reviews. But if all the reviews are mostly bad don't order. Also be leary of too many great reviews as well. 

I really hope this article helped. Thank you so much for reading. Sharing is caring please share this post .