Thursday, March 24, 2016

Kiss New York Moisturizing Lipsticks

Hi guys

So today's blog post is about one of my favorite makeup brands.  I have been using for years so I thought I would share it with you guys on this brand called Kiss and it really surprise me that not a lot of people know about this makeup brand in itself. So before I get into this review I'm going to go ahead and explain what this company is about now kiss is actually kiss products they have different products some people do recognize their kiss envy lashes or kiss nail products.  They do have a whole lot more to offer than lashes and nail products. They are also affiliated with Ruby kisses  and they're normally found in your local beauty supplies store. So a couple of days ago , I went makeup shopping and I came across their moisturizing lipsticks. The lipsticks come in 24 different shades. I ended up picking up 4 lipsticks for $2.99 each the four colors that I picked up  was Honeymoon, Play date ,Devil's Advocate  and Madame . Any skin tone like myself  play date and honeymoon  will need  to be paired  with a lip liner  but both are very beautiful colors. Madam  was a color that I can see any skin tone wearing. It  is very Universal  and you really don't need to pair with a lip liner unless you want to make it a little bit darker but it is great on its own.  The Devil's Advocate  it really kind of washed me out  because of the hair I was wearing  but it is such a pretty  color for those who like sultry type of lips.  They're very creamy and moisturizing to the lips. So I hope you guys enjoyed this read on my full review on this lipstick that I purchase I will be picking up more colors because I feel so in love with the colors that I picked up.

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