Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Brows on Point! Billion Dollar Brows

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Today i am on here to talk about a brand called Billion Dollar Brows. I am not sure if you have heard of this beauty brand before but they have been on a lot of major networks like E! , Good morning America and much more. This company is a prestigious brow salon in Beverly Hills. They came up with an affordable way to  have billion dollar brows on a budget. So they did send me their new line of waterproof pencils. The colors are Taupe, Light Brown, Blonde, and Raven.

My review on these, my color was Raven. These pencils are perfect if you have sparse eyebrows or if you have thick eyebrows and looking for a more natural look. The fine tips on these pencils provided a way for me to draw on my brows easily . Almost mimicking hairs. Other than a regular pencil.  Which I really love about them. Now because the tips are super fine on the micropencils pressure to them, it will break easily which happened to me like twice in a row. To test out if they were waterproof or not . I did a water test and they didn't budge. 

Now because I wanted to do a more detailed review I went ahead and purchased two of their bestselling items Billion dollar brows Brow Boost and Brow gel. I couldn't believe how fast the shipping was it came within like three business days. Which is a plus. Let's get into the two items started with the brow boost. The brow boost is a primer that you put on before you draw on your eyebrows. The packing says that it could be worn alone which I tried numerous of times the were absolutely right about that part. But I do recommend if you buy this to make sure if you wear this alone. Have perfectly groomed brows. Cons I tend to have get dry around my brows area and it did get flaky. But I think I could be able to fix that by exfoliation. But other that absolutely love this product.
The brow gel is a very light consistency. That's really all I can say about it there was really no cons. I will  repurchase these two again. The micropencils maybe I  would buy it because it's different. Plus it did it's job. Want to try Billion Dollar Brows
In this video i wore only the brow boost

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