Monday, May 30, 2016

Beautiful Skin All day long +Evian Spray Giveaway

Hi everyone,
Today I will be talking about a product that was sent to me. This Evian spray. I wanted to review this ever since I seen one of my most favorite youtubers review this on their channels. Although some were in love with this product. Some weren't so much . Because of the ingredients in the Evian spray is 100% water. They were saying it doesn't to much refresh  your make-up being that it's water and Why pay so much for a can of water. Funny right I will link that video so you can check it out. So here's my review me personally the bottle that I have is worth $7.50 it a 1.7 fl oz. I feel like if you are a person that love luxury items this will be amazing for you. I prefer to use this when I am in a hot location like the beach or the pool. The light mist is so refreshing in very hot weather. Newflash, South Florida is boiling hot all year round. It's also great if you were in the pool and you want to get those harsh chemicals off your skin. For my beach goers really fantastic to get that salt water off you. I would feed all the other stuff you probably  already know the skin cant live without water. So yes , did you always wanted to try evain water? Now  here's your chance!!! Make sure to follow my blog for more give opportunities in the future. As well as share this giveaway to friends and family.  Thanks for reading.

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