Saturday, July 2, 2016

Best livestreaming apps

Livestreaming is something popular now to young people and slowing but surely may start taking over because alot of people are finding out quickly about it. I think its kind of extraordinary that you can connect with people without even leaving you house anymore. Livestreaming is some what like making youtube videos but in the now . I think that is the most addicting part for the viewer and broadcaster. I will be naming 3 of the most popular and best livestreaming app to use if you will like to grow a following or just want to meet new people in general. Guess what you can have fun and make dollars. It not a get rich quick kind of thing but some people do get lucky. And make decent money on the side from livestreaming.


you can stream from you phone or computer. It is available through google play and apple store on your cellphone. They have a partner program once you have build a huge following or if you are already popular before joining you get a perchantage of the virtual gifts and tips you make which is very cool your able to stream from you phone or computer. Available on iphone and andriod . You get paid through virtual gifts once the credits are at the amount of $200 then you are able to cash out. Also they have cash giveaways for opportunity to earn more money

Compatible with andriod and iphone. The broadcaster gets paid by the viewers watching the broadcasts.( for example): if you are just sitting and watching your actually helping the broadcaster make money. Payout is every friday threshold .50

I hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions please leave some down below. Dont forget to follow me on these apps. Thanks for reading .