Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Does DV shelters really help true victims?

Question here is does dv shelters really help true victims ? A domestic abuse shelter is supposed to be a safe haven for women who suffered abuse with a spouse/partner. A place to be able to start over with a new start. That's what they want you to believe. Do you know that majority of women who goes to a domestic abuse shelter .  End up right back with their abuser. So are domestic shelters really helping the true victims. Majority of battered women have no family or friends because their abuser found out a way to isolate them from their family and friends. Or might cant even tell them the issue because people are very quick to judge . South Florida especially , for instance they give you only six weeks to get things together. Normally ,  a woman who have been in an abusive relationship have absolutely no job. Because their abuser hindered them from working. So you are really starting from scratch. Most government assistant programs take time. Once you get to a domestic abuse shelter you are assigned a advocate .  The advocate is like a case worker that is supposed to help with your goals while you are in a domestic abuse shelter . You might get lucky and have an advocate that  has been through the situation herself or you might get one that has no empathy at all what you have endured before coming to the domestic  abuse shelter. For example actually true story being in a domestic abuse shelter can make you feel like you are reliving the abuse you just ran from. For instance the way the staff themselves  talk to individuals. Residents as well will try to fight you. You will get put out on your 6th week even if you have absolutely no where to go . This article is not here to scare you from getting help. If you are being abuse seek help As soon as possible. Big thing that has to be done is to plan your escape well.
when you reach the shelter from day one find out as many resources in your area as possible . If the help is not being provided within the first week speak to management right away. Stay on top of the staff every day until you leave the shelter.For those women who are starting out from scratch leaving their abuser .

In conclusion ,  I don't know about any other states but in South Florida. They should have more well trained advocates working at these shelters for battered woman. Maybe for  instance someone who was battered themselves. Also in South Florida the time at the shelter should be longer due to government programs. More funding opportunities.

Are you a survivor of  domestic abuse? I would love to hear your  story down below in the comments section ?  Thank you for reading .