Thursday, May 25, 2017

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Skincare Products for a radiant glow

Today in this blog post I will be sharing what I use for my dry skin to give a radiant glow. Before I begin, let me say that These products have been life changing. So I wanted to share them with you all. The first step to flawless makeup application is skincare. When there is a clean canvas your makeup glides on much better and appear more flawless. It is very important to take care of your skin with and without makeup. Far as dry skin the perfect skincare products to use is cream based products and Exfoliates. Exfoliate products removes all the dead cells on your face. The cream based products brings back the moisture to your face while it hydrates. Always look at the label for where its says specifically for dry skin. Oil based products are great as well . I prefer organic. Because organic oils are the real deal and not chemical based . Another thing to look for in skincare products always consult with your dermatologist to see which products are right for you. In this short video i share everything I use during the week for a radiant glow 10,000.

Let me know what products you use to keep your skin glowing. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring Hair Trends of 2017

Hi everyone,
 I have notice among some of my favorite celebrities . Kim Kardashian, Cardi B , Nicki Minaj and Remy ma was rocking ridiculously long coifs on their Instagram accounts. I smell a new trend alert ! My senses tell me that these are some of the trends that you  will be seeing around in spring of 2017. Like these celebs you can also mimic this same hairstyle . I will show how in this short video using the hair I received from bhairextension.

Monday, March 20, 2017

$ 5 Designer Brand Thift Haul

Hi Fly Gals and Fly Guys this is a $5 name brand clothes (Thift Haul)  In this video watch me as i try on clothes and as I show you how you can bargain shop for name brand clothes at a thrift store . You will be surprised what treasures are in your local thrift store. Most of the clothes were brand new with the tag!!!! This year my goal is to save dollars. As a mother of three, I am finding more and more ways to save my coins.  I thought I would share one of those ways.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Quick last minute hairstyle

There  are  days  we  as  women  ;  where  we just  don't  have  the  time  to  do  our  own  hair .  I  can  definitely  contest  to  this  .  So  I have  come  up  with  a  quick  and  easy  way you  can  style  your  hair  with  less  effort  .   This  will  be  great  for all  hair  textures  .  You  have  seen  all over  . That  lace  front  wigs  are  trendy  .  Also  the quickest  way  to  style  your  hair  .  Under an hour.  So rather you have a date night or unplanned vacation trip with friends and family.
The perfect hairstyle to go to would be a lacefront wig. There a variety of options to choose from when it comes down to purchasing a lacefront wig. For instance, for that last minute purchased decision. For  an  unplanned  date  or  trip  .  A   I  would choose  a  synethic  wig  .  The  reason  is it  very  affordable  .  Synethic  wigs  came from  a  time  where  now  you  can  actually use  heat  to  change  the  style  on  them  . Even  dye  to  your  liking  .  But  that  would  be a  whole  other  of  post  .  So  first  what  i  do is  i  braid  my  natural  hair  in  sections  . Going  straight  back  .  If  you  are  unable  to braid  your  natural  hair  you  can  put  it  in  a tight  bun  to  the  back  of  your  hair  .  Be sure  that  you  already  washed  and moisturized  your  hair  ,  underneath  the  wig .  That way  you  hair  will  lay  down  flat  .  So there  are  no  bumps  when  you  put  on  the wig  .  So  it  would  blend  in  as if  it's  your real  hair  .  A  This  step  should  take  10-15 minutes  .  Next  step  ,  cut  the  lace  from the  wig  ear  to   ear  as  close to  the  hair line  of  the  wig  as possible  . Once you have achieved doing that I would use a mascara I never used in a while along the hairline of the wig. Apply  concealer to the part once the wig is applied.Quick  and  easy  .  Now  once  applied  you can  straighten  ,  curl  ,  or  style  as  needed  . A  This  step  should  take  about  another  10- 15  minutes  .  A  company  called Bhairextensions  contacted  me  to  do  a review  of  their  Outre Silk Straight Kanikalon Heat Resistant Synthetic Lace Wigs .  May  I  just  say  I  am  really  loving  this  hair . You can find this exact styled wig here on bhairextension website by clicking here.

Do you wear wigs ? Let's keep the conversation going in the comment section. Thanks so much for reading. Sharing is caring.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Drugstore haul Semi e.l.f.

Hi everyone,
So as you can see I kind of went on a make up binge . I went to target expecting to buy one item and came out with almost the store. All the products that I've purchased things I was hoping and dying to try out for the longest time so I will be going into each item as usually and tell you guys my personal opinions about them. From the best to the least favorites.

So I went ahead and bought the Maybelline Fit Me . My shade is the color 360 the foundation went on like a dream I basically use a cosmetic wedge sponge  it blended in nicely and flawlessly.  I really didn't need as much Foundation it just took at least two coats to give me that full coverage I didn't even need to color correct at all it hid all my flaws including my freckles.

So with the elf face mist it was very lightweight compared to what I used to use  which was the wet and wild setting spray with the wet n wild setting spray  you could actually feel the Mist on your face but with the elf it was  very lightweight and it dried very quickly and it did held my makeup all day  I went to work that same day and my makeup held together so I really don't have anything bad to say about the elf face mist this is something I will buy again as well as the primer the primer itself has no scent at all it honestly made my Foundation look great and flawless

Now with the elf Contour palette I'm not really sure if I purchase the correct shade and plus I was hoping that it was a cream-based contour palette but it was powder so once I applied that to my skin it actually looked like my skin tone and it made it very very ashy so I wouldn't  recommend the elf Contour palette that I have for a lighter skin tone the best Contour palette for darker skin tones that I've used so far is City colors and Black Radiance the baked highlighter was Poppin I would not say that is the best highlighter but it would do if you're going for a more subtle highlight for a day to day look

So let me get into this luscious lipstick that I purchase from Target in the color Berry and it comes from a brand called shea moisture now I already knew that this will be a great lipstick just buy seeing  that all the lipsticks were sold out when I went to Target so I was able to salvage one lipstick unfortunately my thoughts on this luscious lipstick it was very lightwieght you can't even tell you are wearing lipstick that's how light it was and applying it on it didn't go on blotchy or it wasn't see through I only apply it once and it is very pigmented on the lips and the color that I purchase is very Universal so I do see everyone of every skin tone wearing this particular color it's great for a day look and a night look from my opinion  and it tastes delicious it didn't have that lipstick . Also smell like berries so that was a plus for me the packaging is so smooth and slick as well  a must try

Last but not least I have also purchased the Sonia kashuk Limited Edition makeup brush set oh my God you guys I am such in love with these brushes now it came with faced brushes it also came with some blending brushes for the eye and these brushes are freaking amazing and it's great for decorating your beauty room I almost feel bad for using them because they are so gorgeous it is worth your money I could tell you that

Let me know in the comments section below if you try some of these items if they work out for you as well or which one of these are you willing to try out thanks so much reading