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Friday, January 15, 2021

Yesterday's burden is today's opportunities


In one of my social media posts I shared that I will be doing a 7 day challenge with a company called Dancing and Life. I am helping them spread the word about their life coaching program that help you  overcome any crisis. This program is very important to me because I can totally relate to what this company stands for. I love the fact that this program will help a lot of people so far what I've learned through my very own process of taking his courses is that to focus more on what brings you joy and gratitude you can overcome the situation you are currently facing at the moment. And still be able to look forward to a beautiful future. There is a saying the more you focus on the bad the bad gets bigger. But the more you focus on the good more good comes.

During a crisis it is so hard to focus on the good because of your surroundings, trust me  I can totally relate. But taking on moment to be grateful for one thing a day, even if it's just being alive changes everything. The minute you feel like your life is over that one thought about the one thing that brings you joy can change your mindset to something positive. Saje Flow talks about how you can turn what you are going through into opportunity Nothing is permanent but only temporary. If you  will like  to  join me on this journey its free to  sign up for  the Dancing and Life  life coaching program. Also follow me on  social  media. Thank you  so much  for  reading.

Monday, November 16, 2020

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Thursday, November 5, 2020

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

One eye shadow tutorial

 Play in Make up with me: One yellow eye one pink eye

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Monday, September 28, 2020

Things I have doing to relieve stress during homeschooling


Let me  start  off with  this I salute  every mom who've been  homeschooling  way before  the  pandemic. Especially  if you,  homeschooling  multiple  children close in age or with  an age. I  am  currently homeschooling  3 children  right  now with  age gaps. It gets really hectic  at times by we are  pushing  through  everything. I am  so happy  that  this  year they've added zoom chat to see their teacher and  classmates. So they can have  some  other type of interaction other than their family. I have come up with  a  list that works  for  to reduce  some  stress with  the  children  home and  homeschooling.

Find a schedule  that works for you. I wake up an hour earlier  than  waking  up  my children. Have my coffee. Brush my teeth. Take a shower than warm bath. One my favorite  stress relieved bath soaks are Dr.Teals. I soak while listening  to my favorite  music.  I say my daily positive  affirmations and prayers.

After that, I also cook their  lunch and  breakfast  at the same time. So it's ready around  and  all have to do is warm it up. I have  a  time  frame  where I do clean my home. While  doing  that I keep  my  little  occupied with  baby bus and toys. Around  lunch, take  a  mini walk with  my children  so that way we get fresh air.  Sometimes  a drive. Until  it' time to log back  in. Something  else I have  been  doing  also lately is having  a  trigger journal. Stolen idea I saw someone  else  mentioned  this  I thought  I would try it on my own.  It really  has been  working  with being  less irritable. If you  know  what  I  mean.  These are  some  of  the  things  that I do  to  reduce  stress  while homeschooling. If you  have any  other tips. Comment  down below. Are you looking  forward to schools opening  back? Comment  down below. 

The hat I am  wearing  comes from layziegear. Click my picture to order one. They sent me a  hat complimentary.  Thank you  so much for reading.  

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Yesterday's burden is today's opportunities

  In one of my social media posts I shared that I will be doing a 7 day challenge with a company called Dancing and Life. I am helping them ...